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Escape Rooms:

Deep South | Excalibur
Neverland Xenomorph


The Queen's Spawn

A distress beacon was received from corporate chief geneticist, Dr. J. Larsen while conducting highly classified research on the deep space station, the Sulstromo. Facility communication was lost shortly thereafter. Company emergency protocol required a military response unit. Alpha team was dispatched without hesitation. Upon docking with the Sulstromo, communication with Alpha team was lost instantaneously. Their fate is unknown. As special forces team Bravo, your primary mission is to find Dr. Larsen and recover his research at all costs. Sub objectives include determining the fate of other corporate employees and Alpha Team. Emergency quarantine procedures were activated for unknown causality before complete facility power loss. Quarantine will deactivate within 75 minutes from docking. We suggest, for your safety, you complete your mission...quickly. Good luck, and remember, the company is here for you while Building Better Worlds.



The Sword of the King

Camelot is under siege! The evil Sorceress Morgana seeks the throne by obtaining Excalibur, the Sword of Kings! The aged King Arthur has given Excalibur to his trusted counselor, Merlin. The powerful wizard was to hide the Sword then to search through time and space to find one who would be worthy to seek and claim Excalibur to save Camelot! Merlin has found you! He has created a time portal to bring you and your companions back in time to find 3 ancient relics to prove you're worthy of this noble quest! Time is of the essence, as Merlin's power wanes, the time portal will begin to collapse and you will be sent back to your time leaving King Arthur and Camelot to a terrible fate! 

Deep South

The Butcher's Basement

Driving down a dark road, a figure steps in front of your vehicle. You swerve, crash, and blackout. All you remember is being dragged down a dirt road then nothing. You wake up. It’s hot and smells. It's dark. Suddenly a light blinds you. You look around. You’re trapped in a cell. A voice whispers........"You're all going to die." Your throat swells and your stomach drops. This can't be the end! You have to find a way out before it's too late! Before time is up, before he comes back!



The Hunt For Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is missing! That old codfish Hook wants Pan in exchange for Tink’s life and Peter is off on an adventure with the lost boys! It's up to you! All you have to do is think of a wonderful thought! Then have faith, trust and pixie dust and we're off on an adventure to Neverland! Second star to the right, and straight on till morning! Save Tinkerbell exploring secret passageways, finding hidden pirate treasure, and befriending magical fairies! Be warned, if you fail, there may be explosive consequences!​


Ministry of Magic

And The Time Turner

Coming 2021!​


Patient Zero

The Death Cure

Coming 2021!​