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Customer Reviews

"So well put together! We loved every second and it was so thought provoking! Didn’t think we would make it out but made it with 30 seconds to spare!!! Best escape room and worth the money."


- Charlie R

"Awesome experience! I have done tons of escape rooms and this one is very unique! I would recommend to anyone who is looking for some fun or a challenge!"


- Bryson W

"The best I’ve been in! Wow this escape is incredible. Truly remarkable. The rooms literally make you feel you are in a completely different universe. I’ve done Deep South and Excalibur. Both so unique and extravagant."


- Moskenzie92

"Exceptional game room experience! High quality feel from the moment you walk in, far above that of other escape rooms I’ve done. Challenging but very fun escape rooms with excellent themes. I can’t wait to come back and do it again."

- Christian E

"This was my first time ever doing anything like this before. Hands down the best experience I have ever had! I highly recommend this specific location!!"

- Tara S

"We did the Neverland Escape Room today and had a great time! Our actor guide played his character very well and was very kind to our two children we brought along! Thank you for a great experience!"

- Kimberly C

"Big fan of Red Giant Escape Rooms! Neverland was so much fun and we saved Tinkerbell! I definitely recommend it as a date night with a group of friends (6 people total was the perfect amount for Neverland)."


- Chelsea H

"I was super impressed with this company and our Escape Room experience! Our experience felt very authentic and our family had a blast!"


- Julie B

"My family has done several escape rooms and Red Giant tops them all. The detail and the atmosphere is top notch. I especially love the live actors in the room. I highly recommend red giant escape rooms to everyone!"


- kiersten711

"As someone who has done many Escape Rooms, I can confidently say that Red Giant is one of my favorites. Each escape room is immersive and detailed."


- Olivia O

"Everything feels like you're in a new world. I've been to escapes where you just feel like you're in a random office with some cool puzzles, but this place makes you feel like you've been transported to a new location."

- Preston O

"Loved it! If you’re in for something challenging and have a big group of friends, do it! The actors are great and the host is super nice! Would definitely do again!"


- AranUT

"Red Giant provided a state of the art full sensation experience. In our group of 10 everyone was involved and had things to do to help us proceed. Also make sure to do the virtual reality escapes that they have available. I wish I could give it 6 stars."

- daved488

"Through the anxiety and everything it was still the best. So much to do and find and half the fun is having to work together to get out. We made it with 4 minutes to spare! If your looking for a great escape... THIS IS THE ONE!!!"

- Shannon G

"So fun and completely interactive. You’re busy the whole time. The live actors make it so much better if you use their knowledge! We completed it in record breaking time. It’s the best experience for our friends and family to do together!!"

- Heidi A

"Absolutely loved this place!!!! The staff was excellent and the actors were AMAZING! We did another room right after because we enjoyed it so much! Definitely worth going to. You will love this place; escape rooms done right!"


- Brittney F

"This place is awesome! The puzzles, stories and design are Hollywood quality. They have actors in the room that really set the mood. And they have more than escape rooms - they offer food and VR games."


- Sarai S

"Too legit to quit. This room was amaze and I cannot wait to go back. Having an actor in the room was next level, and the props and puzzles were state of the art. I cannot wait to get back here with my wife and more friends."


- Reeese H

"This place is HIGH QUALITY! Not only are the sets incredible and 100% convincing but the puzzles are clever and make sense for the situation. Absolutely hands down 5,000% my favorite escape room."


- Megan C

"We did the Excalibur room and it was a lot of fun! The actor was phenomenal and the design of the room was awesome. The puzzles were challenging but not too difficult."


- Spencer J

"This is escape room is so incredibly fun! I am so impressed with it. Deep South is so awesome, and the actress in it was wicked good. Definitely a must. If you've never tried an escape, I definitely suggest you try this one. Challenging but fun!"


- Sarah G

"I have done 5 other escape rooms and this by FAR was the absolutely best. The actor was incredible. Made it so much better. He did a brilliant job. The room puzzles were challenging. HIGHLY recommend this place!"

- Cortney C

"We've been to a number of escape rooms and this was "hands down" the best we've been to!! The room and clues were so creative! Our family had a great time and cannot wait to return to try the second room."

- Deborah S

"This escape room experience is second to none. Probably the most challenging room I've ever done. Staff was friendly. Room set design = awesome. Can't wait to see the new rooms they launch."


- Buck M

"I did a private party group for my birthday and it was the best! Our actress was great and the room was really fun. I enjoyed the format, and the challenge. I can't wait to go back and try a different room."


- Simone B

"Best escape room I've been to in Utah! I've been to 6 or 7 of these now, and this one was high quality. It was difficult, and that made it even more enjoyable! Will definitely come again if we get the chance!"

- Adam M

"Great escape room! Very well done, challenging, yet not completely impossible. The actor in the room was great at letting us do our thing but also guiding us slightly! It was fun to have a real challenge!"


- Tiani O

"Honestly the most challenging rooms I’ve ever done! These are awesome. The actors they have in the room with you are helpful while maintaining a challenging puzzle for you! 10/10 would recommend!"


- Eric M

"This was really fun and I’m glad I did it, though I wish we either had had more time or that the puzzle was easier. We did Deep South and it was really difficult.The actor was fabulous. Would definitely visit this place again."

- Danielle H

"I’ve been to several escape rooms and this is by far the best! It’s challenging enough to keep you on your toes and the actors are great! So so fun!"


- Madeline C

"We’ve done several escape rooms throughout Utah and this is by far the best. The level of detail and depth is incredible and the actor added a lot to the experience.  We want to come back to do every room here. Best room ever!"


- Elise G

"This place was awesome!! It was very well organized and had clear instructions. The live actor was great too! We will definitely be back to try all the other rooms!"


- Alexa S

"We did the Excalibur room. I’ve been to many escape rooms before and this has been the cleanest, most informed, and detailed out of all of them. The live actor was very helpful without giving too much away. Definitely will come back."


- Amber P

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