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To Receive Any Of The Following Discounts DO NOT Book Through Our Website. Book Over The Phone At 801-753-8601. To Not Be Charged The Difference Of The Discount You Receive, You Must Be Prepared To Show Proof That You Qualify For The Discount When You Arrive. Discounts Cannot Be Retroactively Applied. No Refunds. No Cancellations. Discounts Are Not Valid For New Rooms Within The First Year They Are Open. 


$25 Tuesday

Admission are $15-$25/person on Tuesdays. This discount is applied automatically and can be received by booking through our website for any Tuesday. 

Bounce-Back Discount

$99, 4-person admission voucher, or a $199, 10-person admission voucher. Only available onsite, directly after exiting your already booked escape. Can be used for any room except new rooms within their first year. Cannot be combined with any other discount. Cannot be combined with other bounce-back vouchers. 

$5 Admissions Discounts

Police, Active Military & Veterans Discount
We appreciate the service currently and previously provided to our country and local community. Get a discount for your service towards your next escape. Please provide a military ID. This discount is applicable for yourself and all of your guests. Can not be combined/stacked with other discounts. 


Senior Citizen Discount
Get a discount if you are 65 years of age or older. Please show your ID at check-in. This discount is only valid for the senior citizen's admission and 1 guest. Can not be combined with other $5 Admission Discounts only. Discounts cannot be stacked.

Educators Discount
We extend a discount to local educators with proof of staffing, for yourself and one guest. Can not be combined with other $5 Admission Discounts only. Discounts cannot be stacked.

Multiple Room Discount

We offer additional discounts for any group booking more than one sold-out private escape. Start times of rooms may be able to be adjusted to better accommodate groups booking multiple rooms. Contact us with your potential booking information, we will review it, and let you know what your discount is. The more you book, the higher the discount. 

Price Match Guarantee

We will price-match any deal/discount we have on any 3rd party platform, if any exist, making it easier for you, with fewer restrictions, and it's better for us as well. 

*Discounts, Deals, & Promotions cannot be combined unless specifically stated.

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