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What Is An Escape Room?
What Makes A Great Escape Room

So you know what an Escape Room is but aren’t sure which one you should attend? Here is your answer.

Great Escape Room
Escape Rooms: Great For Any OcCasion

Tired of doing the same old thing for date nights, parties, dances and events? Want to experience something new and exciting? It’s time to try an escape room.

Any Occasion
How To Book Your Escape RooM

So you’re ready to book your escape room experience with Red Giant Escape Rooms, but aren’t sure what to do next. Just follow these 4 easy steps and you’ll be ready to go.

Tips For Attending An Escape Room

So you’ve booked your escape room and now want to be an escape room master. Here are 5 tips from Red Giant Escape Rooms to make sure you dominate your escape room experience.

MACU Spotlight

Joshua Larsen needed an escape from the regular 8-5 grind and took a leap when he started his own business. Now Josh runs a successful and wildly entertaining escape room company called Red Giant Escape Rooms! With over 11 "Best Of" awards and 1,500 5-star reviews!

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